Krav Maga Camp Norway 2023 A truly unique Krav Maga camp Wednesday 4th October - Sunday 8th October

Why you should come!

The Krav Maga Autumn Camp is an annual international event hosted by
Krav Maga Global Norway. The camp is open
for participants from all Krav Maga organizations and new Krav Maga trainees!

Train for 5 days with beginners and experienced practitioners – get months worth of training.
Have fun
Improve your performance

Team member

Hostage and VIP focus - Review of the new KMG curriculum

Rune Lind, Master 1, Global Instructor Team and many

G and E level instructors

Main instructor


Eirik Hagen

Expert 1

Rune Lind, Expert 5,

Global Instructor Team

Laila Skorpen

Expert 1

Hans Marius Martinsen

Graduate 5

Linn Haraldsvik

Expert 2

Mariusz Zych

Expert 2

Børge Eliassen

Expert 3

Anders Hilling

Expert 3

 The training is adapted to each individual

Krav Maga is a modern and leading self-defense system that is based on your natural reactions under stress and with an emphasis on natural, uncomplicated movements. Krav Maga is suitable for everyone, and the training is adapted to each individual.

Websites (Krav Maga Global Norway) (location of the camp) (same as Krav Maga Academy)

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